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What is a Pip?

As a Forex trader, it’s important to understand the value of pips in order to accurately assess potential profits and losses on your trades. A pip, or percentage in point, is a unit of measurement used to express the difference in value between two currencies in the Forex market. The smallest possible change in a currency quote is represented by a pip, and its value depends on the size of the trade and the currency pair being traded. 


For example, in a standard lot trade in the EUR/USD pair, a one pip movement signifies a change of 10 units of the quote currency, the US dollar. By having a conscious understanding of the value of pips, you will be able to make informed decisions in your Forex trading endeavors.


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Inorder for traders to make $100 or 100 pips per day, they need to have a good working strategy with a high risk to reward ratio e.g 1:3 so as to remain profitable. Stop losses must also be incorporated to limit losses, and traders need to trade high volatile commodities or assets inorder to achieve this goal. Only high probability trades must be executed so as to lessen drawbacks and allow the trading account to grow exponentially. Traders can also subscribe to our free signals which guarantee 100+ pips per every single swing trade.


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Pip Value In Forex Trading

What is a pip in forex trading, stocks, CFDs, Bitcoin and Nasdaq? Pip is short for “Price Interest Point” and it represents a tiny measure of the change in a currency pair in the forex market. It can be measured in terms of the quote or the underlying currency. Let’s say for example EUR/USD moves from 1.1890 to 1.1891 that is a .0001 USD rise in value known as 1 pip. The last decimal place of a price quote is what we call a pip.



Understanding what a pip is can help traders make informed decisions about their trading positions and risk management strategies. By knowing the value of a pip, traders can calculate their potential profits and losses and adjust their trades accordingly.

What is a Pipette?

In the forex market there are other brokers which quote currency pairs beyond the standard “4 and 2” decimal place to a rare “5 and 3” decimal places. They are quoting half a pip commonly known as pipettes or tick size. A fractional pip, or pipette, is a fifth decimal place in currency pairs. It allows for more precise price quoting, especially in highly liquid markets.

How do we calculate Pip Value?

In simpler practical terms, let’s say you bought GBP/USD and its price was at 1.35001 and it rose to 1.40000 then this means that the GBP currency has gained value by 500 pips. The pipette 0.00001 is usually ignored in currencies except when trading indices like boom and crash on platforms like deriv.com.


Now depending on the lot size you used to open the trade this will determine how much money you gain or lose. Let’s say for example you entered the GBP/USD trade risking $10.00 per pip, this means per every price movement (pip) you gain or lose $10.00.








+500 PIPS

The above table illustrates how movement benefit a trader in the forex market. I hope it’s starting to make sense now. If your sold or went “bearish” as they like to call it, you would have made huge profits. However catching pips like these need time, patience and a huge account balance. It’s for those who are known as swing traders. Picture below shows a trading chart taken from the Deriv MT5 Platform.

GBPUSD price chart showing a 500 pip bearish move


In conclusion, a pip (percentage in point) serves as the foundational unit of measurement in forex trading. It represents the smallest price movement in the exchange rate of a currency pair, allowing traders to gauge price fluctuations. Pips are integral for calculating profits, losses, risk management, and setting entry and exit points in the forex market. A solid understanding of pips is essential for forex traders, as it forms the basis for precise analysis and decision-making, contributing significantly to successful trading endeavors in the dynamic world of foreign exchange.


In most currency pairs, a pip is calculated as 0.0001. However, for currency pairs involving the Japanese yen, a pip is represented as 0.01, as these pairs are quoted to the second decimal place.

Pips are crucial because they help traders quantify price changes, calculate potential profits and losses, set stop-loss and take-profit levels, and determine the risk-to-reward ratio for trades.

To calculate profit or loss, subtract the entry price from the exit price and then convert the result to pips using the appropriate pip value for the currency pair.

While small daily profits in pips can add up, making a living solely from a few pips per trade is challenging. Successful forex trading often involves more complex strategies and risk management.

Yes, traders can profit from fractional pips (pipettes) as they provide greater precision in setting entry and exit points, allowing for potentially more accurate trading decisions.

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