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Smart Phone with Flipped Green Dollar Bills and Gold Coins

Posted:  February, 2022

By:  Allen Matshalaga

Swifin Money

If u are reading this article it’s because you were drawn by a certain ad or told by a friend that a certain organization is giving out US$100 to all Africans every month. Guess what, you’re in the right place and yes it’s true and 100% legit.

Swifin Payment

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Eco-6 is currently providing a stimulus to support people and their businesses to all Africans including those in the diaspora.


This stimulus is paid on the 28th of each month. However people are not having these US$100 deposited into their preferred bank account on the swifin platform, complete the registration and verification processes inorder to start receiving this stimulus.










0.2592g OF GOLD

What is Swifin and is it Legit?

Yes, swifin is legit and it is known as The Real Time Payment Service (TRTPS). However its just a platform built to support the AKL (African Kingdoms Lumi) also simply referred to as the “Lumi”. 


Now do not get lost, keep following along, it’ll make sense in a minute. The stimulus you receive is not actually US$100 but its valued at that amount. 


What you receive is known as the AKL which can only be deposited into the swifin platform or application. Makes sense?

Lumi Currency Value

Why we say the Lumi is equivalent US$100?


Most people think that the lumi is a cryptocurrency, well it is not. However just like bitcoin is built on the blockchain, the AKL is very stable and it is underwritten by 100kwh of solar energy through the power purchase agreements.



Each lumi has a fixed valuation  of 4 grains of gold which is equal to 0.2592 grams per 1 AKL and is distributed by the African Diaspora Central Bank. 


With this stimulus each persons receives 6.26 AKL with each AKL’s current value being $15.96 United States Dollars. Hence the total is $99.9096 which is tounded off to US$100. Now we’re getting somewhere right?



The lumi stimulus started in October 2020 and it’ll be issue for 3 years only with the last date of issuance being October 2023. Don’t waste any more time, open an account now and start earning money for free.



History Lesson

The first AKLwas printed in 2016 for use within the Accompong but it has since been adopted as an official currency by a vast majority of government bodies.



The likes of the African Diaspora Central Bank, Economic Community of the States, Territories and the Realms of the African Diaspora 6th Region (Eco-6), State of the African Diaspora, African Kingdoms Federation, the United Kingdoms Federation and the United Kingdoms of Africa to mention but a few.

Swifin Register

Follow these steps to carefully set up an account or your application will be rejected. 

  • Visit Swifin’s official home page.
  • Fill in your personal details then click register.
Swifin Register - Step 1 AVFX Trading HUB
  • Make sure that you enter a valid email address because this is where swifin is going to send you a confirmation link to avoid spam and robots.
Swifin Register - Step 2 AVFX Trading HUB
  • Your account will be approved instantly after you have confirmed your email address.
Swifin Register - Step 3 AVFX Trading HUB
  • Now go to your gmail account and you will see swifin’s email on your main inbox, if not try checking your spam folder.
Swifin Register - Step 4 AVFX Trading HUB
  • In this email you find a welcome message with your log in credentials. Now log into your account using the link provided and your account will be instantly activated.
Swifin Register - Step 5 AVFX Trading HUB
  • For your referrers ID copy this code “8306224726917318” into your tab and type in Allen Matshalaga for your referrer’s name.
  • You will be prompted to submit your front and back of your national ID. (Make sure these are high resolution pictures which are clear and visible.
  • You also need to upload your ID next to your face to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification.


If you followed these  steps carefully, your application will definitely be approved. After this process, no action is further needed from your end. Your lumi stimulus will be deposited into your account on the 28th of each month automatically. 


You can now go to your dashboard and customize your profile and change your profile picture and customize your setting to suit you.

CEO & Founder of the AVFX Trading HUB Company/Website

Written By: Allen Matshalaga

Allen is a professional forex trader, blogger and an online enthusiast who spends most of his time testing and reviewing legit ways of making money online and is determined to help others succeed.