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6 Steps on How to Join Forsage in 2022

Step By Step Guide to Join Forsage io

STEP 1: Download the Trust Wallet
Download the cryptocurrency wallet to your device. After downloading it, open the app and you will see 12 random words that will appear on your screen.

These are also known as a seed phrase and super important as they are your back up key in case you forget your password or if you want to access your wallet from another device. So, write them down carefully in a notebook, in their order, then go through the processes it tells you to.

NB: Do not lose or give anyone these 12 words “very important”.

After completing the set up process, the app will take your to the trust wallet dashboard which looks like this image below.

Trust wallet dashboard - step by step to join Forsage

Step 2: Fund your account
After installing the trust wallet you have to fund your account with 0.06 Ethereum… Which is about $216.04 USD equivalent (11/10/21).


How do I get ethereum? You can easily make an exchange from your block chain, coinbase, klever or whatever account u have so that you get the Ethereum, or simply contact us for an exchange.


NOTE: You can’t proceed to the next step without funding your Account.

Trust Wallet - Click on the Dapps Icon and search for Forsage


STEP 3: Click on DApps
Click on the DApps icon like on the picture above and then copy this link and paste it on the search bar on top of your DApps browser in your wallet https://forsage.io/i/aqa5bs. Check the picture below for reference.

Forsage Dashboard with AVFX Trading HUB link

NOTE: You have to use the link as shown in the picture above in order for you to be placed under a community upline. If you do not use this link you won’t be able to make money from spillovers. Also confirm if the upline ID is correct, it should read 919793 before proceeding.

STEP 4: Join Forsage
The link I gave you should bring you to this page, then click on the “JOIN NOW” button.

Forsage Dashboard with AVFX Trading HUB link

STEP 5: Complete the registration process
Click the green button which reads “CLICK TO REGISTER OR UPGRADE SLOTS“.

Click to Register or Upgrade Slots on Forsage Ethereum

STEP 6: Click Approve

Gas Fees - Forsage Ethereum Joining Transaction Fees

It should take you to a page like the one below. This is inside your account. Now you have completed all processes and successfully registered with Forsage Ethereum.

AVFX Trading HUB Forsage Ethereum Dashboard

Now in order for you to start making money you need to do the same process by referring 3 people to join under you.


The more referrals you get to join using your referral link, the more money you make.


However you can still make money without any referrals with the Forsage x4 program. Click Here to find out how to make money without referring a single person to Forsage.


Goodluck on your success with forsage ethereum, it is a well planned out system which rewards its members and I wish you all the best.


Those who feel like ethereum is now too expensive to acquire, well, I’ve got some good news for you. Forsage launched with an alternative coin called Tron.

Forsage Tron is much simpler and cheaper to join as it requiress only 200 trx to join which is equals to $19.03 United States Dollars.


Same as Ethereum, you can buy TRON at any crypto exchange or you can contact us so we can help you get started. The main advantage of TRON (TRX) is that it has instant transactions and lower network fees as compared to Ethereum.

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Written By: Allen Matshalaga

Allen is a professional forex trader, blogger and an online enthusiast who spends most of his time testing and reviewing legit ways of making money online and is determined to help others succeed.