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Forsage Tron

Smart Contract Review

Tron (trx) was launched in 2017, and in just two years this cryptocurrency has entered the world’s top 10 by capitalization.

  • What is Tron all about?
  • What are its advantages?
  • How can we benefit from it?


In this review we are going to look at the benefits of the tron blockchain as well as cover how to register with forsage tron, deposit and withdraw from the platform.

Benefits of the Tron Blockchain
Tron processes an average of 2,000 transactions per second, whereas  Ether only processes 20-45 transactions per second. 


Due to the fact that Tron has little to no transaction fees at all If certain conditions are met, you can transfer up to a million dollars worth of trx and you won’t have to pay any charges or commissions.


The TRX  network is a more advanced DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) system as compared to the PoW (Proof of Work) system which is used in bitcoin and ethereum blockchains. 


Now that you have an understanding of what tron (trx) is, let me introduce you to the fastest growing business of all time “Forsage Tron”. 


This business model is built on a Tron Blockchain and is not a pyramid scheme, but a smart contract designed to acquire tron through crowdfunding.

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Forsage Tron Earning System

x3 and x4 plus xGold forsage tron payout system

As you might have read from my previous article about “forsage” which is a smart contract built on an ethereum blockchain. Forsage has now launched with tron because of its lightning fast transactions and low fees. 


Tron is a more stable coin and is gradually growing, meaning now is the best time to join forsage tron and you should take advantage.

Forsage Tron X3

Earning System for Forsage Tron x3

With the x3 program you earn 100trx (US$9,48 – 27/10/21) for every single person you invite to the platform’s 1st level and 100% of all your earnings go directly to your wallet. 


As you can see from the diagram above, each matrix has 3 slots underneath, meaning that you get paid 100 trx 3 times. However on the 3rd payment you won’t receive it into your wallet, it will be used to do what we call “recycling a level”.


In simpler terms, after a level 1 cycle has completed and all the 3 small hollow circles have been filled, the forsage io smart contract was designed to re-enter the 1st slot again using the 3rd payment and start over the whole cycle.



This means that as long as more and more people join forsage tron at the first level under you, you will always be rewarded for those 2 slots, with the 3rd slot being used to recycle the matrix. 


The total you can earn from the first level cycle is 200 trx which is more or less US$20.00 equivalent.


Not enough? Don’t worry you can use this 200trx to buy the next level and increase your revenue x2. 


What this means is that, with forsage you only invest once then you use the crypto gained from the system to buy upgrades and enjoy profits.

Forsage Tron X4
Earning system for forsage tron x4

Secondly, we have the x4 program which works almost the same as the x3 but differs a bit as this is less reliant on hard work but you can profit from what we call overflows and spillovers [read more].


These can only be available when you join a community such as ours using this link because if you join as a stand-alone you will never get to enjoy passive income on autopilot. 


To ensure that everyone in the community is happy, the first two upper payments go to your upline which is your referrer, then you will get paid directly to your wallet on the 4 slots available below.


Just like in x3, the last payment is used to recycle the level and start afresh. Makes sense? For more questions ask on our forum and you’ll find forsage enthusiasts and of course a lot of help there. 


The total amount you earn on the first x4 complete cycle level 1 is 300trx which is US$30 equivalent at the time of writing.


Now combining plus the 200 trx you get from the x3 program, it means you would have made 500trx which is equivalent to US$50 re-occurring income on the first level.

Forsage Tron XGold
Earning system for forsage tron xgold

Then lastly we have the Forsage Tron xGold, this is a way to earn more potential revenue and is activated separately. The xGold program is more of percentage based. In the Forsage xGold each level has 30 slots structured in 4 rows. 


Two in the first row in which when they are filled the payment goes to your upline. With the four slots in the second row you will get 20% of the total revenue.


Then next are eight slots in the third row, this will benefit you 30% of the total trx acquired on that level. Then lastly, on the fourth row you get paid 50% commission from the 16 slots that would have been filled. 


However, with the xGold the last 2 slot payments are the ones used to recycle the whole 30 slot matrix cycle, pretty cool right?


The earning potential here is insane and you can earn a total of 3,300,100 trx in total when all xGold levels are activated. The total earning potential on the x3 and x4 plaforms are 2,492,700 trx individually. 


Bringing us to a whopping total of 8,285,500 worth of trons which are equivalent to U$82 855 000 at the current market price today (28/10/21).


While this number sounds unrealistic, it is however true. 


Entering a business with this high earning potential guarantees you that you can get a piece of the pie, say a couple of thousands and it will be a lot of money when you look at your initial investment of 400 trx (US$40).



In our community we encourage people to start at atleast level 4 to 6 because this is where spillovers and overflows are high. Even without recruiting a single person you have high chances of earning passive income on these levels. 


Please note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, only hardworkers excel and we have seen people become millionaires through the forsage tron and ethereum programs.

CEO & Founder of the AVFX Trading HUB Company/Website

Written By: Allen Matshalaga

Allen is a professional forex trader, blogger and an online enthusiast who spends most of his time testing and reviewing legit ways of making money online and is determined to help others succeed.