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Blockfi Business Credit Card

BlockFi has made history with the creation of its Visa Credit Card, the first to ever offer rewards in cryptocurrencies. When used, the BlockFi Visa Credit Card grants users up to 1.5% cash back on their purchases in various crypto forms, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gemini dollar and more.


  • Cardholders earn Bitcoin rewards on all purchases made with the card.

  • The card has no annual, foreign transaction, or maintenance fees.

  • The card has built-in security features, such as chip-and-pin technology, to protect against fraud.


Visa Blockfi Credit Crard

The BlockFi visa card also offers certain perks and bonuses. Read our BlockFi Visa reward credit card review to know more about it and find out if this crypto credit card is for you.


Blockfi Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card

Top Perks/Features
Blockfi visa credit card offers plenty of features, some of which are as follows.

1. Crypto Back Rewards

BlockFi visa card earns unlimited 1.5% back in crypto on purchases. For example, by spending every $500, users can earn $7.5 worth of Bitcoin.

Mainly rewards come in Bitcoin, but users can choose from 10 different cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Uniswap and USD Coin.


2. Annual Spending Bonus
If a user spends over $30,000 in a year using this card, he can earn 2% back instead of 1.5% on additional purchases. 


3. Trading Bonus
BlockFi visa cardholders can earn a 0.25% of trading bonus in Bitcoin on all eligible trades. The maximum bonus a user can earn is up to $500 in Bitcoin each month.


4. Referral Program
Users can earn $30 in Bitcoin for every successful referral through its Refer-a-Friend program.


5. Fees
BlockFi gives freedom to its users by waving off fees on its credit card.


6. No Annual Fee
Cardholders do not have to pay any annual fee.

At the start, BlockFi was planning to charge a $200 annual fee, but fortunately, the platform reconsidered this after listening to its clients’ requests.


7. No Foreign Transaction Fee
Unlike many credit cards, which charge around 3% on foreign transactions, the BlockFi visa card does not charge any fee on foreign purchases. 

Blockfi Visa Card Review

Though the BlockFi visa credit card offers several benefits, to find out if this credit card is for you, it depends on your preferences, and it is always recommended to compare different cards. After a thorough comparison, choose the one that best fits your needs.


Latest Update

On November 28, 2022, BlockFi voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Since then, the BlockFi visa rewards credit card has been paused and unavailable to make purchases at this time. 


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Written By: Allen Matshalaga

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