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What is an Affiliate Marketing

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On July 19, 2022
Posted in: Blog


[CASE STUDY] How I made over $16k in my First Month promoting an Affiliate Offer with free traffic.

[CASE STUDY] How I made over $16k in my First Month promoting an Affiliate Offer with free traffic

Greetings affiliates, and a warm welcome to my personal space where I journey with you step by step, sharing my trial and errors, to success stories. My name is Allen and in this particular I will share with you my step by step case study of how I managed to make $16,812.76 in one month promoting an affiliate offer. Unlike other affiliate, here I will not hold back on anything, I will share and unveil everything, from how I researched my niche, found an offer, built my lander, got the traffic, drafted the ad copy and generated leads.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money

Niche Research

In affiliate marketing there is what we call a “Niche”, a niche basically is a group of people who share same interests and depending on the niche, some are more saturated and competetitive than others. So for my niche research i used the free tool by Facebook called the Facebook Ad Library this is where most information about affiliate  marketers is stored. On this platform you can see which offers are hot and converting the most as more affiliates will be running paid ads on them. No affiliate can waste money unless it yields profits.


Americas Hope Programs - Ad library
Rent 2 Own Ready - Ad Library

There are also advanced paid spy tools such as Semrush which give you more detailed information in terms of which product is being run the most, how many leads to be expected per campaign and eccetera. Well if you are just starting out I strongly suggest that you don’t spend any money until you are sure that your offer is going to convert well. So to start off, I used the free 14-day trial for Semrush and found out that housing offers were being run by most of the affiliates at that time with our target market being the United States of America. So after my niche research I then jumped onto an affiliate site called Maxbounty to find the best offer. 


Finding The Offer

Maxbounty is one of the largest affiliate network just like ClickBank, Banner Edge Media and Warrior Plus. Signing up for a Maxbounty affiliate account is relatively easy, however you need to know that once you sign up an affiliate manager will be assigned to you, this is the same person who will call you with a follow up interview. My advice is that, please try to answer as honestly as you can.


How do I join MaxBounty?

Step 1: Enter your valid email address, after then you’ll be prompted to:

Step 2: Fill in your personal details and also share how you intend to promote offers. 

Step 3: Your affiliate manager will contact you via skype or telephone. MaxBounty receives a lot of applicants on a daily basis so try and be patient with them. 


If you are impatient, you can speed up the process by calling your affiliate manager to set up the interview. However, bear in mind that your application can either get accepted or rejected, so I suggest that you first look up videos on youtube to help you out with the interview process. There are a lot of these affiliate networks, but I favour MaxBounty because it pays weekly (every Wednesdays) after your first month threshold payout of US$100. However, if you manage to hit $1,000 within the first month of your sign up, they give you a $1,000 bonus, pretty cool right? 


After you’ve been approved its now time to look for that golden goose “offer”. So when you heard over to your account’s dashboard, you’ll notice a search bar, this is the easier way of searching for an offer by keywords. Well, as for me, I prefer using the search option on my side bar menu which gives you more filters to work with. First we will input our keyword which is Homes/Houses on the search bar, for traffic type we’ll select Social since we will be using Facebook, for “Geography” we will select United States of America. As for the “Category”, that’ll be Real Estate/Home Improvement, then leave “All sub-Categories” as is. For “Filters” we will select Approved to Run then finally on “CPA type”, we’ll select $ per Lead then click Apply Search Options. 


Offers will be presented harphazadly, so to put them at a specific order I like to toggle the EPC button so that the list is displayed in a discending order starting with one with the highest EPC. EPC stands for Earnings Per Click which is the average money a campaign makes everytime the link is clicked. Therefore, the higher the EPC the more likely the offer will convert well. As for me, I also like to look at the payout per lead, this information shows me how well the offer is doing in relation to its EPC. Let’s say for example the offer pays $4.00 per lead and EPC is at $0.40, this simply means that I will be making an average of 1 lead per 10 clicks. Makes sense right? 


So after long search and reading though each offer’s instructions I found this real estate offer with an EPC of $2.60 and it paid about $55.00 per lead. This was my “Golden Goose”, so I retrieved my affiliate link and went on to the next stage. Now the first mistake that new affiliates make is direct linking, this is taking your affiliate link and sharing it all over social media as it is. I’m talking about somtething like this: “https://afflat3d2.com/Ink.aspo17169&c918273&k=7CFFC98D68AD34B“. Study has shown that people are less likely to click on such links as they appear spammy. Rather use a free service like shrinkme.io to make it much shorter and neat. 


I strongly suggest that you open a free account with shrink me so that you can be able to customize your url to something that makes sense to your audience rather than just random letters and numbers.




2% are likely to click


Green Icon check mark

38% are likely to click


Green Icon check mark

60% are likely to click

Shrink me works just fine as well as other url shortners like linksly, bitly, tiny url, etc. However, with shrinkme.io you also earn small commissions when using their service, which is a huge bonus and a must use for every affiliate.



What I teach my students in our master course is that they have to create a bridge or landing page as we call it. Studies have shown that landing pages are testable, they can grow your email subscriber list as well as increase conversions.

Building a Landing Page

To build a landing page I use a 14-Day Free Trial from Lead Pages. Many of my students ask why lead pages when there’s a bunch of free sites like Wix for example, well the thing about these forever free things is that there is always a catch. In this case, you can never scale up your business using these free sites, as there is a limit to almost everything. There is a limit to monthly visitors to your site, servers get easily overwhelmed decreasing user experience and their ads will be all over your site, making it look less professional. 

Whereas with lead pages you can connect your custom domain, grow your brand and give your lander a more professional look with available modern free templates. However when starting out, and you don’t have money for a domain, it is okay to test it out using their free domain and customize it on bitly. After creating a professional lander, its time to move on to the next step, which is finding the traffic. Quick look back, at first we did our niche research, then we picked a promising offer, and built a nice bridge page for it. Now its time to drive traffic to our landing page so that we can start making money. NB: A landing page can also be used to collect emails for email marketing and retargeting, but that is for a later and advanced stage.

Where Do I get The Traffic?

Well, social media platforms have expanded over the recent years with platforms like facebook handling over 2.93 billion users per month. We too  can tap into this number and make some figures for ourselves. First rule that I teach is that you have to put the right product infront of the right audience to find sucess in affiliate marketing. So we heard over to Facebook dashboard, navigate to groups, then click discover. Type in “Homes for Rent in USA”, this will bring out a number of facebook groups, join as many as you can spacing your times carefully so that you don’t get flagged or banned by Facebook. 

Give yourself about a week to join groups, after which you will start on groups you joined first. We do this to avoid this…

This can alert admins and may appear a scam when you start posting links before giving value to the group. A week is enough to qualify you to start posting freely. However, to get people’s attention you’ll have to write in a professional and smart way, we call this an Ad Copy.

Ad Copy
Facebook Ad library - Create an Ad Copy

Now that we have everything in place, but we cannot just go about posting our link and expecting people to click it. Links should be accompanied by convinving text, and what I use the help of Jasper, an AI. Jasper is an artficial intelligence software which helps you write professional ad copies that generate leads. Sign up for a free trial and generate ad copies that convert within minutes. Next step is to test out different Ad Copies and find the one that has a higher converting rate. 

After all this, you can start posting daily to 7 groups (which is the current Facebook limit) and you’ll be able to make $16,812.76 in a month, or even more if you put in more work than I did!

CEO & Founder of the AVFX Trading HUB Company/Website

Written By: Allen Matshalaga

Allen is a professional forex trader, blogger and an online enthusiast who spends most of his time testing and reviewing legit ways of making money online and is determined to help others succeed.

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