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Allen Matshalaga

Hi, I’m Allen the AVFX Trader. I like writing articles on Forex and Crypto related topics.

My goal is to equip traders with the necessary tools and skills to tackle the dynamic market conditions, by so doing, helping them profit from trading.
Building Confidence
Once they have grasped the knowledge and fully understand the risks and rewards involved, I will further mentor them until they're confident enough to place trades independently and without hesitation.
Personalized Support
I'm fully dedicated to lead you step-by-step, all the way to financial freedom. I'll help you evade losses and realize maximum profits in this exciting forex trading journey.

Information about the Author

Allen Matshalaga, CEO/Founder of the AVFX Trading HUB company/website who has over 7 years of experience in the crypto and forex industries, shares his journey of how he overcame his obstacles and became successful in his trading career.

Hi there, Allen here, most of you know me as the AVFX Trader and for those who don’t, I am that guy who is about to turn your life around by extending a helping hand to guide you towards financial freedom.


Do you remember that first time you heard about forex trading and you thought to yourself, “Yes, I’ve found a way to get me and my family out of the struggle?” Guess what, you were right…


I know that you were probably inspired by youtubers, instagram success stories, profits screenshots and videos all over social media, and you thought to yourself, “I can do it too”. Well, you were right again…


But the only problem is that you risked your money with little or no knowledge of trading and lost all of your investment. If you were about to lose hope, then don’t. There is a way…

Just like you, I struggled with trading for many years, until I took a step back and an idea hit me. What if I combine all working strategies into one, and create an ultimate strategy?


Thus, I crafted my strategy day and night, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.), back-tested it until I finally made molded it into a masterpiece, the “Ultimate Guide to Trading Deriv Synthetic Indices”.


This eBook is available on the Warriorplus platform. Many traders have testified to have found great success with my strategy. You can click the image below to visit my profile and read reviews.

Please note that this eBook is not for complete beginners who do not even know what a pip is, but it’s for those traders who have experienced “Blowing an Account” and it hurt bad. Trust me, we’ve all been there.

If you are that type of trader who’s struggling with consistency, then this eBook is for you!
 Visit the sales page to learn more. 


For those of you who are still newbies, I suggest you take advantage of all the free material available on this website, open a free demo account, to practice trading and also ask questions when need be.


Feel free to check out the “Offers” page where I share legit investment platforms and sites that pay real money. With all being said, there’s absolutely NO excuse to stay broke!!!

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Stay Profitable  🙂