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An article about forex trading online written by one of our contributors: Innocent Matambo

Foreign exchange market is the biggest financial market.

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ICT Trading Strategy for Beginners & Advanced Traders

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Welcome to the most informative and resourceful forex trading website in the entire World! This website was created for beginners, intermediate and advanced traders. All information provided was thoroughly researched and all strategies were tested and back-tested by our team of experienced traders. Everything in here has been filtered and only the relevant stuff is at your disposal at absolutely no cost at all, yes, it’s free!!! We as the AVFX Trading HUB team have compiled a number of profitable strategies with a 75 – 90% winning ratio accompanied by a fully detailed step by step guide on how they are to be effectively implemented. Learn-Share-Enjoy!

“The Best things in life are FREE!”

I’ve watched dozens of youtube videos but I’ve never come across such filtered and useful information. Thank you  🙂

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Stay at Home Mum

A friend of mine introduced me to this site and to think that all the stuff in here is totally free, is mindblowing!

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Forex Trader

I’m in need of the free Harmonic Scanner indicator. Please help, My trading not good Sir!

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Your website rocks, I’ve since improved in my trading. Can you provide a forum page and an economic calendar. Cheers!

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FX Mentor

Why invest in Currency Market?

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Easy Access

Anyone with a laptop or smartphone can open a trading account, invest and start trading forex. Plus some broker’s minimum investment start from as little as US$10.00

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5 trillion USD is being traded daily, now you too can buy a certain asset at a low price level and sell it at a higher price taking advantage of the change in price.

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Over the years forex trading has reached the ends of the earth and traders now share insights on the forex market on platforms such as youtube, forex factory, quora etc.

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